As well as an individual \ small batch parts service of either one off components or kit of items as part of an up-cycling or re-purposing project solution, or simply conceptual design prior to manufacture of final product.


Replacement / unobtainable - obsolete or non IP protected parts for your items where details are unavailable or non existent items can be 3D modelled using our in-house CAD /CAM capability either from concept or reverse engineered from free issue sample components.

Pre-Production & Development components.

Jigs & Fixtures / Tooling & Inspection aids, Production aids.

Bespoke individual items for display items / commercial or private events

Individual unique features as part of a joinery installation or joinery manufactured item.

We can create full assemblies including threaded inserts for ease of assembly of larger items or for installation purposes.

3D Printed threaded items for concept assy of larger non structural items can be provided.


3D printing materials currently offered include PLA or ABS – In a range of colours that are commercially available. Max envelope depending on geometry and printing orientation is approx 300mm x 300mm x 300mm.

Resin cast components or incorporated features up to approx. x 500mm x 500mm x 500mm in all commercially available types.

Simple Carbon fibre hand layups to approx. 500mm x 500mm x 500mm cube in / vacuum bagged out of autoclave prepreg solutions.


All of which can be subsequently machined / cut , drilled or assembled to provide a finished product or part finished solution.


3d Printing , Resin casting and carbon fibre solutions of either individual components and / or as part of a lager project can be combined with all our other services to provide a complete project solution.

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